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Dr. Li Xiaohu
We pursue the perfect combination of science and art!
Zhang Zhiwei
Explore the beautiful mysteries through continuous research and development!
Chen Xiao
Starting from customer demands, we use our expertise and safe ingredients to pursue the excellent quality of products!
Liu Caie
We are committed to endowing the ingredients with infinite skin energy to those who love beauty, and bringing customers a natural and healthy skin care experience!
Fang Huijing
As a local cosmetic ingredient company in Shanghai, OLI leads the development trend of functional ingredients with high-quality products and innovative research!
Dr. Zhang Weiyang
Focus on the pursuit and exploration of beauty and health!
Dr.Qian Jia
With the power of cutting-edge technology, extract the essence of natural ingredients!
Yao Wei
We are committed to providing customers with excellent products and services with advanced technology!
Liu Fei
Using natural green ingredients, through advanced technology extraction, let the natural care of the skin!
Huang Chong
Our products use high-quality ingredients, and each product undergoes rigorous toxicology and efficacy tests to ensure that the product is safe, pure and effective!
Zhang Shuangke
OLI is market-oriented, continues to develop and innovate, and has provided high-quality and safe functional ingredients for domestic and foreign well-known cosmetic companies and suppliers for many years!
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